Humans have a need

10 October Colors 249

Humans have a need
To believe in an intelligence

Behind the creation of our existence.
Belief in an after life or oblivion

For some, it gives reasons to behave
They believe in karma and reincarnation.

Yes, we humans are complex
We are conflicted, warlike

Yet, there are miracles
Of compassion, love, and sacrifice.

I have experienced
The joys and pains of marriage,

I have been hurtful and shamed by it.
I felt lost in heartache or guilt.

But joyful for the fruits
Each child precious beyond measure

I have been sustained
By the feeling of caring

I have been surprised
By deep soul moving love.

I have witnessed
Love in impossible ways

Treasured in memories of good and bad
Preserved through the tribulations

To the joy of perseverance
Onto deep friendship and companionship.

I am a dedicated
People watcher

I have learned many things
I have sifted life’s meaning

Down to a simple thought
Be helpful!

I try to walk the talk
It is a challenge.


Created:  September 16, 2017



I walk in the forest

Walk Among

Come walk with me.

I walk in the forest

Of human beings


Like you, like me

Our friends, our non-friends.


They are many and varied

Sizes and shapes.


Short legs, short arms and bodies

In endless combinations


Skin in shades and colors of bark

Are many as the grains of sands


Pale white or yellow

To dusk and even midnight.


From homeless and discarded

To rich and empowered


Their beliefs in Gods and spirits

Many heartfelt, others heartless.


From agnostic to zealot

Evoking love and others hate


To walk in this forest

One must be alert and vigilant.




I walk in the forest

Of human beings


I have walked amongst humans

For three score and a half more.


I became a connoisseur of watching

Sitting unnoticed, but noticing.


I found when I scratched someone

They bled like me regardless of skin color


The pain and anguish they felt

Was similar to mine.


No shape or size

Made any difference.


I find the differences

Are to be cherished.


I read and viewed media

About senseless aggression


Famine, natural disasters

Earthquake, or disease epidemic


I have witnessed displacement

A human column of immeasurable grief


Suffering starvation

And deprivations


Also domestic violence

To terrorism in schools,


Revenge or an action

To get attention to a cause.


Or war in far-flung nations

Inflicting harm and death.


Our little blue marble is cluttered

With collateral damage.


Even soldiers afflicted

By PTSD created by chaos of war.


Or by the violence in

our neighborhood or home.


I physically hurt

When I come into contact


In person or via media

I shudder trying to comprehend


Both the victims

And perpetrators.


I am at a loss

And feel sad and helpless


My heart has been

Broken and beaten.




I walk in the forest

Of human beings


Yet, I have hope

Even in the darkest moments


I wonder where

This optimism comes from



Created September 15, 2017




What did you say?

Here I stand
On a pillowy white cloud.

There is this guy
With a beard standing here

Looking down into
A big red leather bound book.

He is taking a long time
Turning page after page.

I am hearing
A grunt or two,

But not a word from his lips,
Not a welcome.

I shift from
One foot to the other.

What am I
Doing here?

My last memory
Was slipping and falling.

I begin to worry.
I have so much to do.

If he is not finding
What he is looking for

How will his search
Affect me and my future?

Oh, he signals me
Come closer, step over here.

There is no hint
Of a smile or indication

What the book
Has revealed to him?

With a concerned look
And a shrug of his shoulders

He quietly whispers
So only I could hear.

“I am sorry
I do not have your reservation.

I am sad  to say
You must go…..”

Where did he say
I had to go?

I am definitely going
To get new hearing aids!

Sir, where did you
Say I should go?

Again a little louder he said
“You must go back!”

The cloud turned
A little darker and softer.

I am falling down again
Ouch! Ohhh I hurt all over.


Created: September 11, 2017


The Aging Switch

Quality, yes quality,
Each day, each year,
Value of life and loves.
Becoming, yes becoming.

Doing, doing, done.
Living and ever loving
Each day, each year.
Feeling good, being good?

Getting this and that,
Upsizing house,
Even the car,
Or maybe a spouse.

Years upon years,
Even the many decades
Passing by swiftly
Sometimes unnoticed.

An ache and a pain
Could be chronic,
An Illness today, maybe tomorrow.
Plans change again.

Downsizing living,
Giving this and that.
Big things, old things,
Even new stuff.

Giving to my kids,
Selling to others,
Taking just a little,
Just what’s needed today.

Active living, but…
Less, doing less.
More doctors and dentists
Often, more often.

Months upon months
Passing by fast and faster,
I’m moving slower, then slower,
But time moves still faster!

Eat, nap, eat, discovered
Becoming my daily pattern.
So nice, but tired still.
Why is the night longer now?

Imbalance and stagger enters.
My new world changing.
Steps are shorter and slower
Taking longer from here to there

Watching, sitting and reading.
What did you say? Hmm mm
Huh? Please say that again.
Hearing, like agility, disappearing

Frustration unlimited!
Forgetting little things
Progressing to bigger
What did I come in here for

Quality living lesser
Than yesterday again.
Good becoming less.
All becoming lesser.

The end is in sight,
But not in reach.
My aging switch has turned.
Turned to waiting, not doing

Now it begins anew.
When, just when?
Waiting and waiting … still
Impatiently patient.

Days upon months,
Weeks upon years, when?
Waiting still, now impatient
Questioning the why and when.

HE has control of how and when.
My days are fewer in number,
But I wish, at times, many times
I had that control.

Yes, I have switched
From doing to waiting.
The veil between becoming thinner.
Waiting, just waiting … Still.

I have seen the loved ones
Passed over yesteryear and more recently,
Waving or beaconing, I wonder?
Yes, I have switched to impatiently waiting.

Originally created:   July 7, 2016


The beginning.

You become.

You are.

You will be.

You will no longer be.

Go back to the beginning!
Originally written: May 4, 2016

My ponderings:  

It seems getting old provides time to think.  I wasn’t even sitting in a rocking chair. I wasn’t watching a beautiful sunrise. I did not listen to the whispering of the breeze through the trees.  I was going about daily life thinking about paying bills, my next meal, and when do I need to take my next pills.  These words came to mind interrupting productive efforts.  I could not get them out of my mind.  As I thought of the simplicity of the phrases, I began to ponder life and it’s phases. I thought I would share them. 



Touch, You’re it

Life brings, You to me.

A stranger, Danger or delight.

A mentor, Teacher or muse.

A friend, Casual or lover.

Touch, I’m it.

Moving on, Forever changed.

Life brought, Me to you.

Transforming. You and me!


What Are You Doing Here?

I live in a senior independent living community of over 100 souls. There are several bodies aged 100 plus. Many are in their 80’s and 90’s. There are few in their 70’s. Many are handicapped and using canes and walkers to move about the residence. Heart and memory  diseases afflict more than a few. Living in this community I have developed close friendships with many of the residents.

I see many acquaintances and friends declining in health, going to thedoctors, hospitals, other facilities, and finally passing into the next world.It has provided a unique understanding of our frailties and impermanence. I am not depressed nor anxious about these circumstances. As unusual as it may seem I am exhilarated and comfortable with the present and the future. The following eulogy has been many years in gestation. It is the firstwritten version. I can envision it being altered and revised several times in the years ahead.

Oh my friends

What are you doing here?
You have heard and know

I am no longer here.
I have gone to the other side

Of the veil of life.
For some would think it to

Be a downward direction.
Being in a very warm

And unfriendly locale.
For others they are watching.

Watching for a butterfly or dragonfly.
A new life to be lived

Karma to be paid.
For me, I believe

My penance is over!
I have passed beyond the veil

Welcomed by loved ones.
Each of you family, friend, and especially foe

Are still in my thoughts and prayers.
May this idea and thought

Give you a measure of comfort.
May the words of each person

Spoken in memory bring you solace.
For there has been laughter.

Yes, there were tears and pain.
There has been kindness,

And love, yes love!
So my friends, do not

Give further tears or anguish.
My suffering and pain

Are now a thing of the past.
Raise your glass in salute.

Fill your belly with good food.
Tend to each other.

Some will need your loving care.
The veil between this world

And His Kingdom is very thin.
I will be watching and waiting

To be among the first to greet you.
Go! Live and love

Life to the fullest!
Oh my friends

What are you doing here?
Originally written: April 15, 2016
The thoughts expressed above have been rattling around in my mind for several years. I did not want the prose to be a “downer” or depressing.  It took quite a bit of time to feel confident in the way the feelings are being expressed.  Thank you for reading it.  I look forward to your comments.