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Vaya con Dios Mame

Dearest beloved Mame,

From that very first meeting lightning struck
Electric emotions lit up my life.

You unselfishly shared your intelligence.
It has enriched my own thoughts and decisions.

You delicately shared with me your beliefs.
My professional and personal life improved.

You gifted me with your love of children.
I have grown to love yours as my own.

You forth rightfully shared your care for animals.
It has changed my views and donations.

You demonstrated your wish to give back to your community
It has made me proud and given me an example to live by.

Against norms you openly gifted me with your life and love.
It has changed my life. I look forward to every next moment.

My life is forever changed, forever filled
You have filled my life with all you can give.

Now, you have given your ultimate gift.
You gave your life.

I stand here grateful for each and every moment
Remembering the last moments we shared.

I have spread your beautiful flowers upon your casket
They carry and contain my sad emotions with this task.

Nothing can demonstrate my grief at my loss   
The loss of your presence next to me each day.

Beloved, you will be with me in all I do
Your contribution and sharing have forever changed me.

Thank you Mame my dearest, my heart.
Vaya con Dios my darling.

Yours forever,

Frank Lloyd Wright

Originally written:   January 24, 2010

  • The following prose was written after reading the book Loving Frank by Nancy Horan in 2009.    I was so taken by the story  this poem/prose came out of  my thoughts and feelings.     This poem was written for the moments when Frank Lloyd Wright was looking down into Mame’s grave where her casket was covered with flowers from her garden.   I believe Mame was Frank’s soul mate.    He read this letter to Mame as a final good-bye.  

Oh dear me, Oh dear brother,

This was written in memory of my brother Jake Tamse who passed away June 27, 2007.

  • Oh dear me, Oh dear brother,
    • You have gone from here to there.
    • I know it was not of your choosing.
    • You’re right, it was not fair.
    • We, family and friends, all losing.
  • I would have you very close
    • With moments of sharing.
    • My heart warms and glows
    • With memory of our feelings.
  • I know you would rather be
    • Here with me and others too.
    • Our time together was the key.
    • Life improved because of you.
  • My friends, yes, more than one.
    • Even an Aunt chats morning and evening.
    • They feel the nearness of their loved one.
    • Their words, the veil between them thinning.
  • Today, I share my dreams.
    • My thoughts even my prayers.
    • You have heard me, it seems.
    • There will be no more tears
  • In my heart you reside
    • Beside me each day you walk.
    • Continuing your role as a guide.
    • I listen and learn as we talk.
  • Thank you my dear brother
    • For the role model provided.
    • Its leadership like no other.
    • Do likewise, I have decided.
  • Oh dear me, my dear brother,
    • You changed my world. 

July 2, 2007               Feb

Gathering Dreams

Gathering  Dreams

I am gathering dreams,
dreams of memories,
nightly, but even day dreams,

Memories just ours,
gathered together,
Held precious jewels in my heart.

First meeting, many later firsts,
many last moments,
Many urgent, many relaxed.

Each brings you closer,
Brings your touch,
Makes you present.

Whether you are close,
Here, lying next to me or,
Far away with family or friends.

Dreams are gathered together,
colored ones, even some black and white,
Wonderous memories relived.

Dreams uniting past and present,
Invigorating memories,
Mixing reality with a touch of yesterday.

January 24, 2010                Feb



Born of woman,  minutes, hours, days, months, then years tick by, some unnoticed.

Then, one day someone called me middleaged, shocked I knew the number, but felt the same as when I was 18.

Another day comes, a young child called me old. In my mind I murmured,  “No!”   I felt no different than I did when I was in my 20’s.

Yet, recently a person in their 20’s said with a smile  he thought me ancient.    I know my body hurts more, but in my mind I still have this image of being in my 20’s.

My body has aged.  Yet, my mind has grown with experience and wisdom, but not it’s image of self..

January 24, 2010   Feb