Oh dear me, Oh dear brother,

This was written in memory of my brother Jake Tamse who passed away June 27, 2007.

  • Oh dear me, Oh dear brother,
    • You have gone from here to there.
    • I know it was not of your choosing.
    • You’re right, it was not fair.
    • We, family and friends, all losing.
  • I would have you very close
    • With moments of sharing.
    • My heart warms and glows
    • With memory of our feelings.
  • I know you would rather be
    • Here with me and others too.
    • Our time together was the key.
    • Life improved because of you.
  • My friends, yes, more than one.
    • Even an Aunt chats morning and evening.
    • They feel the nearness of their loved one.
    • Their words, the veil between them thinning.
  • Today, I share my dreams.
    • My thoughts even my prayers.
    • You have heard me, it seems.
    • There will be no more tears
  • In my heart you reside
    • Beside me each day you walk.
    • Continuing your role as a guide.
    • I listen and learn as we talk.
  • Thank you my dear brother
    • For the role model provided.
    • Its leadership like no other.
    • Do likewise, I have decided.
  • Oh dear me, my dear brother,
    • You changed my world. 

July 2, 2007               Feb

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