Sitting Quietly

Sitting Quietly

  • Sitting Quietly
    • Sharing the silence,
    • Exchanging thoughts,
    • Expressing desires,
    • Exposing long hidden passions…
  • Sitting quietly,
    • Sharing the moments,
    • Exchanging vows,
    • Expressing ideas,
    • Exposing loving memories.
  • Sitting quietly,
    • Sharing the sorrow,
    • Exchanging hugs,
    • Expressing love,
    • Exposing glimpses of our soul.
  • Sitting quietly loving each other.

Originally written December 28, 1994

Have you seen a couple just sitting holding hands
not talking just quietly sitting side by side.  They
could be looking at a sunset, traffic going by, or
just looking at their back yard.    I lived in a small
village Ahmeek in Keweenaw County in Upper
Michigan.  It has 5 streets one block long.  The
village folk were of Finnish, Croatian, and Cornish
heritage.  I grew up speaking three languages; Finnish
Croatian and English.  I can still cuss in Finnish and
a few other words. They are friendly folks inviting
neighbors in for a bowl of soup and bread or to use the
sauna. Young folks over age 18 usually go south to
Detroit or Milwaukee.  So the town is made of middle
and  elderly folks.  A few of the younger folks come
back when they find they cannot stand the big city life.

When I lived there it was not unusual to see couples
and families on the porches quietly sitting and watching
the hills and possibly the weather coming over the hills.
There was a bench in front of the post office where men
waited for their friends or wife who was shopping in the
small grocery store next door.  It was a meeting place.
Oh yes, there was also a tavern where the hard rock
copper miners came after a day underground to talk to
their friends and have shot and a beer.  It is a slow-paced
life where each moment is treasured.  

I guess it is in my blood because I like to sit and watch
the sunrise, sunset, stars, or people passing by.   Each
moment is treasured and stored away in my ribbon of

One response to “Sitting Quietly

  1. this is all great frank! this is one of my favorites!

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