True Friendship is endurance

True Friendship is Endurance

  • True friendship is endurance and longevity rather than fitful intensity. 
  • As I have gained grey hair I have come to realize friendship grows with tolerance and time.  
  • I do not have many friendships.  They are rare and precious.
  • I have many acquaintances and co-workers, but they are fair weather sailers for the most part. 
  • When the sea gets rough they set their sails for the nearest port – any port – the closer the better.   
  • The “friend” does things you don’t like or even condone.  
  •  He or she allows you the same privilege. 
  •  She or he gives you the best advice without hard feelings if the advice is not followed. 
  • He or she listens keenly to what you have to say.
  • Somehow, there is communication, even when we struggle with each others actions or beliefs.
  • But the true test is her or his endurance during the trying times. 
  • It is the willingness to forgive and forget each others foibles and fits of contrariness. 
  • It is the desire to persevere together.


  • I treasure this friend for they are rare jewels. 

Originally  written     May 13, 1994   Feb

2 responses to “True Friendship is endurance

  1. As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

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