• Sometimes it is gentle and refreshing,
    • Time to cuddle and snuggle.
    • There are those evenings when sleep is terrifying. 
    • Each nerve is put on edge. 
    • Strung  tight like a guitar string.
  • Flip – Flop.  Flip – Flop.  
    • Left side, right side.
    • Tummy down, tummy up. 
    • No sleep just flip – flop.
  • Spooning your side, spooning my side. 
    • You on your side – me on my side.
    • No touch – touching from head to toe.
  • Then there are those special moments 
    • After we have shared ourselves.  
    • Totally relaxed  – all essences in time.
  • Sleep, I wonder what it is..


Originally written –   January 11, 1995

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