Be Helpful, Be Loving.

  • Be Helpful, Be Loving.
    • By being these simple things, by earnestly trying to always to have these two credos as my motives of actions;
    • I will live the best possible life.
    • I will have a sense of accomplishment.
    • I will have a sense of self worth, but not too much pride.
    • I will have enriched relationships with all who surround me.
    • I will be focused on others rather than self.
  • You can actually net it down to:    Be Loving!
    • Love requires action – positive action for me and for others.
    • Love requires commitment which provides consistent positive action.
    • Easy to say or think – very tough to live each moment of my life this way.
    • I try, but I know there have been and will be moments when I do not adhere to these precepts.
  • I ask forgiveness for those lapses.

Originally written   –   June 3, 1994

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