Evil is insidious

  • Evil is insidious.  Evil is sneaky.
    • There are few black and white choices.
    • Rare are the easy choices between good or evil.
    • At least not until it is too late.
    • You turn around and look at how you have walked this path
    • You notice each choice.
      •  Foresight murky and filled with doubt. Hindsight is clear
    • There is the story of a live frog put in a cool pan of water stayed in the pan and who was boiled to death.   
    •  I could be that frog.
  • Looking back.
    • You notice the times a choice was made and self discipline was left behind. 
    • Greed, pride, or selfishness ruled the decisions.
    • There was never a lot of greed, pride, or selfishness. 
    • Just very small doses.  Just small choices.
  • A tidbit here.  A tidbit there.  
    • Unfelt, just a nibble each time.
    • It is surprising how fast a path can be traveled at a “nibble” pace.
  • Evil is insidious. Evil is sneaky.  Evil is relentless.


Originally written:       October 12, 1994

  • I was reflecting on good and bad choices made along life’s pathways.  A lesson learned can be mistake not to be repeated.  That is life.  Often, a good choice turns out to be the wrong choice.  Another lesson learned.  A commitment given now needs to be changed.  It is a tough lesson to learn when commitment is so serious.  Evil comes in many forms.  Many are cloaked in beauty and plenty. Evil delivers neither. 

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