Ebb and Flow of Energy

Ebb and Flow to My Life Energy

I have detected an ebb and flow to my life energy.  There are days when it takes a significant  effort to maintain concentration, to complete a task, or just make a decision.  It seems these times are accompanied with a tiredness  of mind and spirit.   Then, there are days when everything is easy.   I can be super-charged with energy,  motivation, drive to carry out tasks and actually get them done.

After years of  monitoring my energy levels there seems to be a cycle.  Like a tide in the ocean, the ebb and flow governed by the moon, life’s energy is governed by some unseen force.  There is a regularity to the change of energy cycles.  There is a perpetual ebb and flow of life’s energy.

Have you felt the same ebb and flow?   I believe each of us have this cycle.  The challenge is to take advantage of these changes.
Originally written:  October 29, 1994

2 responses to “Ebb and Flow of Energy

  1. Mr. Brinkman,

    I am completely familiar with these cycles that you write about so eloquently. I am lost now. Do you believe that there are larger tides outside of the regular ebbs and flows of life? I mean to say that, although there seem to be ups and downs in life, there simultaneously exist larger states of being. To illustrate I would like to offer my own situation, as it is my most familiar: I do not remember my time as a baby, to me it may as well never have existed; on the other hand, I remember my teenage and college years very well. Now however, I find that in a similar way my early 20s seem to pass in a whirl–I am unaware of myself and my desires!–just like they did when I was a baby. Do you think I will reach a much higher level of self-awareness in my 30s?

    I have loosely called my years up until I turned 20 my “First Lifetime” while my “Second Lifetime” occupies the ages of 21 until 40.

    I would really appreciate your comments.

    Most Sincerely,


    • Mr. Wacquez,

      Thank you comment. Yes, I believe there are larger cycles integrated with the regular ebbs and flows of life. My earliest memories are of age 3 or 4 when my parents operated a tavern in Milwaukee, WI and a year later in Upper Michigan on a farm. In my opinion there are life cycles based upon age, experience, trauma, nature, and I would add one more – a higher power. To me, that would be God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit. To others it would be a different higher power. Yet, it is the same force – a Higher Power. Reading Joesph Campbell’s works leaves one with a profound respect for the world’s religious beliefs while savoring your own. Remember, when you seem to be lost or alone, it is the time to listen carefully to the whispers. I have found that is when God is talking to me. It is a time when a shift in flow of life is occurring in my life. It is time to quietly listen and observe all that is happening. Then, you will find the whispers stop. In this time of introspection and acceptance you will prepare to take small steps in the path you have been led to or decided upon. In one of these moments I was led to decide what I wanted in life. Was it money, fame, or something else. I chose the following as a life mission statement. Be Helpful. Be loving. It is simple, but profound. I have lifed with this mission statement since August, 1989. I do not regret the moments that this has led me to. I do not have lots of money or fame. I have met some beautiful people along the way and have a treasure trove of memories and friends.

      I remember the cycles you mention, baby, teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, now 60’s into 70’s. The cycles continue large and small. Change is continual sometimes fast and sometimes slow. I hope they continue until I pass over and beyond.

      In reading you comment I found you to be introspective, thoughtful and concerned. These good qualities will continue to drive you to move forward and experience the ebbs and flows. I would relax and savor the moments even if they are uncomfortable. You are not lost just at a crossroads. As the larger cycles come you will look back upon this time and smile with the memories. They will be precious as mine are. I wish you “enough” for your journey..

      On January 31st, 2010 I corrected the name of John to Joseph Campbell. Here is a Wikipedia link.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_campbell



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