• I am not in control of those things and times that affect my life.
    • I have yet to learn how to release things to God’s hands.
    • I try each day to remember I need to let go.
  • There is freedom in letting go!
    • There is a deep peace when I put things in God’s hands.
    • Love is easier to sustain when I give up the effort to control,
    • Life is more enjoyable when I do not attempt to control.

The meek shall inherit the earth.
Originally written:  January 14 1995

  • I am a control freak.  I love to provide answers to all the problems that my wife, my children, and friends have.   Yet, my answers are not THE answers.  I try each day to learn that I do not control all things.  I am much happier and peaceful when I let others find their own answers.   I now provide information not answers. Information is just data others can consider in making their own choices.
  • The next lesson is to not be affected by the choices others are making. Then not saying, “I told you so.” when things go wrong.    These are lessons not for just 1995, but for all the years of my life.

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  1. Christina Hildebrand


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