Listen to the Rain

Listen to the Rain

  • Listen to the rain
    • Sit still and listen to the rain.
    • Can you distinguish each rain drop?
  • Sit still and let the sounds soak into your bones.
    • Can you feel the vibrations of the rains drop?
    • Can you see the ripples in the puddles?
  • Sit stiill and let the wetness wash over you.
    • Can you feel the raindrop hit your skin?
    • Can you relax with the massage?
  • The rain drops put me into a medative state.
    • The rain drops are like a drum that focuses thoughts.
    • The rain drops draw me deeper and deeper within myself.
  • I remember the joy of swimming in the rain!
    • Feeling the raindrops hitting me.
    • Becoming one with the rain.

Originally written: January 19, 1995

4 responses to “Listen to the Rain

  1. “I remember the joy of swimming in the rain!” Wonderful line, unexpected, rapturous.

    • TOG,

      Swimming in the rain was one of those very quiet moments when your heart opens up. Then is filled with awe and oneness with the surroundings.. Even seeing the raindrops hit the water seems like a miracle.

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad you enjoyed it.


  2. To this day…the sound of the rain striking the roof is one of my favorite things…recalling being nestled in a quilt on a cold damp night and hearing the rain on a tin roof…thanks for the memories.

  3. Your welcome.. I agree with your thoughts on cuddling and listening to rain on a tin roof. Nice image in my mind… Thank you..

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