The Music Sinks into my Mind

The Music Sinks Into my Mind

  • The musical notes sink into my mind
    • Drawing my mind into a relaxed meditative garden.
  • The musical notes echo on and on
    • Like the wind rustling the leaves and 
    • Blades of grass on the mountain side.
  • In this garden my mind wanders
    • Among the glories God has provided.
    • The path twists and turns among
    • The joys  and sorrows of everyday life.
  • The path ever-changing
    • Places to dawdle and muse.
    • Places to wash and be clean again.
    • Place to experience and learn.
  • The path’s end  just out of sight
    • Drawing me further,  meandering,
    • Always refreshing both body and soul.
    • My mind  is home in this nirvana!

Originally written:  February 15, 1995

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