A Single Lonesome Thought. . .

A  Single Lonesome Thought . . .

  • A thought. . .
    • A single lonesome thought.
    • The very first thought.
  • A precious gift given to each of us
    • All we are or will be
    • Is the result of this wondrous gift.
  • Not for our glory but for His. . .
    • Just a thought of mine –
    • Hmmm mmm mmm or His?

Originally written:  February 15, 1995

This is a musing on the very first thought.  The first thought a human being had.  The first thought I had when I entered life.  The first thought I can remember.  The first thought I had this morning.  What would I be without my first thought and all those that came after.   I am thankful for the precious gift and would not like to live without it.

3 responses to “A Single Lonesome Thought. . .

  1. You have a great gift of writing. Great poems especially the one about the rain. Keep up the great work!!!

    • To see your enjoyment reaffirms the feeling of risk to begin to share my writings via a blog. I have six volumes I will be transcribing over the coming months. Most are in some form of prose. Thank you.

  2. I hope you don’t mind…I added you to my blogroll on my site. Again keep writing!!!

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