Things may start like you want them to.  However, along the way choices are made. Things happen to change one’s plans. I started to create a maze on a blank piece of paper.  I wanted to depict how choices impact where I end up.  I started to draw a  maze.  I was happy with how the maze was progressing.  I was half way to completion.  I bumped a glass of soda water.  The glass spilled on to the maze.  It blurred the lines of the maze.  It covered the maze in shades of blue ink     The smeared ink made it harder to find  the right path. 

  • Life is choices. 
    • Choices I make change the world one moment at a time. 
    • I can grumble or rejoice ,
    • But choices, I will be required to make. 
  • So – Say a prayer and  then, 
    • Make the choice.
    • Do the best I can. 
    • It is more than good enough.
  • Choices
    • Choices I make.
    • Choices are made for me.
    • One simple thing is guaranteed.
    • The ending will be different than I envisioned.

Originally written:  February 18, 1995

2 responses to “Choices

  1. We all begin in the center of a maze that was there long before us. If we’re lucky, we manage discover, before we die, or it is too late, that getting out is beside the point. Perhaps there isn’t even any exit.

    • TOG,
      I like the way your mind works. Our journey thru life is a maze with only one exit – a passing over to another level.. It has been a journey of discovery for me with some surprising twists and turns. I look forward to continuing this mission of learning new things and working with new friends. Thank you for your insights.


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