• Dissonance
    • Dissonance has importance in our lives.
    • I am dissonance at times for others.
    • Dissonance is a learning opportunity
  • I learn from others ,
    • And from being out of sync,
    • Out of tune , a discordant note.
  • I am uncomfortable
    • When there is dissonance,
    • Whether I create it or
    • It is inflicted on me.
  • It is precisely this moment ,
    • When the greatest learning occurs,
    • Because I internalize dissonance,
    • Rejecting or adopting it as my own.
  • Dissonance enhances moments  of congruency.
    • The feeling of being all together, being one.
    • It is counter balance for symmetry and focus.

Originally written:  February 15, 1995

One response to “Dissonance

  1. I’ve a friend who can’t stand atonal music. I find it soothing.

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