A Ribbbon, Just a Ribbon

A Ribbon, Just a Ribbon

  • A Ribbon,
    • Just a ribbon,
    • Twisting, turning.
  • Binding, unbinding,
    • Sometimes carried,
    • Sometimes carrying.
  • Oh my, it drops.
    • Rolls along the boards.
    • Onward beyond reach.
  • Just a ribbon
    • Turning, turning on,
    • A needed wrapping.
  • A ribbon retrieved
    • Twisted and turned,
    • Tied in a bow.
  • Just a ribbon
    • Beautifying a gift,
    • Delivering a smile.
  • A ribbon,
    • Just a ribbon
    • Imitating life.
  • My life
    • Twisted and turned,
    • Surprises each turn.
  • Binding, unbinding,
    • Twice lessons learned,
    • Rolling along the roads.
  • Just a life,
    • Not always pretty,
    • Definitely a smile.
  • A life retrieved,
    • Even wrapped and tied,
    • Imitating a ribbon.
  • A ribbon,
    • Just a ribbon,
    • Just my life.

Originally written June 11, 1995..   Updated February 4, 2010

This was written after wrapping gift packages and seeing a roll of  wide maroon and gold ribbon roll off the table.  The ribbon unwound.  It lay across the table and floor.  The ribbon twisted and turned.  I was struck with thought of how similar it was to my life;  

Although, we are careful accidents happen. The ribbon got away from me and it rolled off the table.  As I picked up the ribbon I was struck by the twists and turns in the ribbon.   Life takes surprising twists and turns.  Some of these are caused by unforeseen events or happen stance.  The words above were originally written from that event.   It was updated at the suggestion of TOG on February 4, 2010.

One response to “A Ribbbon, Just a Ribbon

  1. Good sounds through repetition in this poem. You might try extending it. There might be more here. The ribbon might be unwound a little further?

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