Ahhh… The Dance Goes On.

Ahhh… The Dance

  • Ahhh… The Dance
    • One step forward.
    • One step backward.
    • One step to the left.
  • The dance goes on.
    • Pick your partner carefully.
    • One step forward.
    • Pick one, not more.
  • The dance goes on.
    • Three or more – steps on toes.
    • Causes pain and anguish,
    • One step backward.
  • The dance goes on.
    • Pay attention to the dance.
    • Avoid going bump in the night.
    • One step to the left.
  • The dance goes on.
    • Hold your partner with care and love.
    • There are others who want your place.
    • One step forward.  Hold them close.
  • Ahhh…The dance goes on.

Originally written:  March 17, 1995

I wrote this poem from the perspective of an observer of friends making choices in their lives.  Some of the choices caused problems in their relationships.  Others found their lives forever changed as someone else stepped into their place.  It reinforced the belief to pay attention to their relationships.   The idea of the dance came from  thinking about 2 steps forward and one step backward.  I saw it as a dance.  Sometimes a waltz. Sometimes a torrid tango.

One response to “Ahhh… The Dance Goes On.

  1. Thanks for the poem. It reminds me of a saying I recently read: ‘The Hokey Pokey…maybe it really is what it’s all about!”

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