Dwell Not Upon the Beyond

Dwell Not Upon the Beyond

  • Dwell not upon the beyond!
    • I knock but the Door Opens Not.
    • I await patiently, impatiently.
  • Dwell not upon the beyond.
    • Dwell in the land of the living.
    • There is much to share,
    • Learn and live.
  • Smell the green grass.
    • Feel the gentle breeze.
    • Brushing across you cheeks.
    • Messing  your hair.
  • Walk thru the pasture,
    • Feel the green grass
    • Between your toes.
  • Feel the sun warm your back
    • Feel it soak beneath the surface.
    • Be patient, wait patiently.
    • The door will open someday.


Originally written:   June 26, 1995

The above was written in memory of Babe Sleighter, my mother-in-law.   Babe had a heart attack.   The heart was irreparably damaged.   She lived on for another 3 weeks.   Much of this time in Critical Cardiac Unit of the hospital.   It was one of the most difficult moments in my life.   Seated beside the bed Babe turned to me and asked “Help me to die.  How do I die.”   How could I answer her?   I could only say I do not know but I will be here to hold your hand.    Thank you for reading this posting and understanding…

2 responses to “Dwell Not Upon the Beyond

  1. Hi there. I wanted to inform you that some elements of your site are difficult to comprehend for me, as I’m color blind. I suffer from tritanopia, however there are more varieties of color blindness that may also experience issues. I will read most of the site OK, and those elements I have problems with I am able to understand by employing a adapted browser. Just the same, it would be cool if you would bear in mind us color-blind surfers whilst doing the next web page redesign. Thank you.

    • CBrakey, Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will review the themes available and make the change to a theme that will be readable to you.. When I change it in the next day please let me know if it is more friendly to you and inviting.


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