Whispers, Listening to Whispers

Whispers,  Listening to Whispers

  • Whispers, listening to whispers.
    • Crackling of new fallen leaves,
    • Being trampled under my feet,
    • On a September morn.
  • Whispering wind whistling,
    • Through pine boughs rustling,
    • I walked thru the forest as a youth.
  • Crunch – Crunch – Crunch,
    • Of new footsteps,
    • In the new fallen snow.
    • A cold crisp wintery morn,
    • As I walked to school,
    • Drumming of rain drops.
    • Falling on the tin roof,
  • On a rainy spring morning.
    • Gurgling water rushing
    • Over the rocks and tree branches.
    • In the stream near our farm,
    • In Upper Michigan.
  • Warm gentle breezes,
    • That brush across my face,
    • On a lazy summer morn.
  • Warm cuddly hugs,
    • Received from Mom
    • As I prepare to leave the house.
  • Whispering: listening to whispers.
    • Whispering memories, memories,
    • Whispering;  Life is passing by.


Originally written:   June 16, 1995

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