Memories Precious Memories

Memories Precious Memories

  • Have you ever left a place
    • You did not want to leave?
  • I have sat perfectly still, listening to the sounds
    • Of crickets, frogs and leaves moving in a gentle breeze.
  • I have sat with my heart wide open
    • To the feel of the breeze absorbing all.
  • I have drawn deep breaths
    • And held them to internalize the time and place.
  • I have tried to reach beyond the bounds
    • Of the mortal body to be part of this place.
  • Memories are all that remains.
    • When all else is gone I have memories.
  • Memories, memories precious memories.
    • My precious memories.


Originally written: August 8, 1995

One response to “Memories Precious Memories

  1. One finds it hard to reconstruct a place. It is easier to recall specific events, and where they happened to occur, is secondary, like a flavor to a meal.

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