My Hangout

My Hangout

  • My Hangout –
    • Some men have the couch,
      • A den,
      • A bank of a stream,
    • Other men have the garden,
      • A workshop,
      • A row-boat.
    • Still others have the game.
  • I have a garage.
    • A place to meet my friends,
      • To putt, putt, putter.
      • To meditate… Hmmm mm even dream.
      • Even to clean.. on rare occasions.
    • I recently set upon a rocker,
      • There beside the door,
      • Gazing at the sun setting,
      • Into a bed of fluffy golden pillows.
    • A few steps away a lake..
      • So still it was difficult to see where,
      • The land and water met,
      • Yet, I know they did.
    • The trees in their summer colors both,
      • In the water and above it,
      • Seeing their beauty twice over.
      • A picture postcard.
    • I have painted this scene in my mind.
      • To convey it to canvas will not do it justice.
      • To convey it to you in words would diminish the beauty.
  • Yes,  I have  a “Hangout”
    • A simple place.
      • My garage.


Originally written:   August 8, 1995

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