Who is a Hero?

Who is a hero?

  • A hero is the person who lives  life, day in and day out, faithfully living out their personal beliefs.  It is not those events that are  in public view that are the proper measure of heroism.  It is in facing the small every day decisions, and those  made in the secrecy of your heart where the hero is gradually developed.   A hero is molded in the crucible of every day living.  It is in the faithful daily living that the person practices making those small decisions that create the footpaths upon which they will tread.  They follow these footpaths all the days of their life.  It is the type of decisions that weave the fabric of many colors of the hero’s life.  The decisions, are seemingly taken for granted, but  over time they compile into the accomplishments of life.   
  • They also set the pattern how the person will react in a crisis whether it is in the public eye.  Life should not be measured by the response to crises, but daily living over a life span..   


Originally written October, 2, 1995

  • This was written in a time when sport figures that were idolized as heros and their private behavior failed to live up to a standard of a decent person much less a hero.   The introspection was looking back at the many men and women who faced adversity, prejudice, and family crisis outside of the public’s visibility.  The Black men and women that went to war and had to fight for the French because they weren’t accepted by the US Army.   The Japanese men and women who went to war in WW II while their families were incarcerated.  The men who went to Vietnam War and returned to normal daily lives without being thanked.  The children who face bullying everyday at school yet continue on without complaint to be successful in their adult lives.   It is the woman who with breast cancer carrying on bravely with daily duties of family and friends all the while knowing precious life is slipping away that will leave loved ones with memories of a hero.  It is the husband being diagnosed with brain cancer with weeks to settle affairs and leaving a young family behind.  No media event.  Just daily living.  To me, these are the real life heros. 

2 responses to “Who is a Hero?

  1. love this. and like the commentary at the end of your latest posts!

  2. Personally I’ve never had much time for heroes.

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