I am a Daydreamer

  • I am a Daydreamer.
    • There are those moments
      • When I realize my mind has drifted off.
      • I am embarrassed beyond measure.
    • To those dear ones with me,
      • I can only deeply apologize.
      • And grovel, knowing inside it will happen again.
    • It happens at the most unexpected times.
      • It happens randomly,
      • There is seemly no pattern.
    • These journeys into my mind
      • are pleasurable, even thrilling,
      • They beckon to me to come again.
    • I am relaxed
      • In a mellow state of mind
      • When I slip out of  my daydream.
    • The images are surreal,
      • Yet warm and true
      • The colors vivid.
    • Sometimes alone in a forest,
      • Sometimes in the town,
      • Sometimes not alone.
    • The discussions within my dream
      • Are exciting and exhilarating.
      • Even angry at times.
    • The topics are varied as the weather,
      • The adjectives describing the moments,
      • Go on and on, like the sands on the beach.
    • These journeys are adventures
      • of  learning, contemplation,
      • Discoveries, and endless pleasure.
    • These journeys can be pure frustration
      • To those who need me fully present,
      • In those who try.
    • Try to interrupt,
      • My journey, my visionary travels.
      • My adventure,  my journey, 
      • Before my destination is reached.

Originally written: October 3 1995

  • I remember  when I first realized my mind had wandered.  It was in 6th grade in the first week of school in September in Ahmeek Location, Michigan.   The teacher was Mrs. Pelligreenie.  For some reason I was watching the trees of the forest that were outside  the second floor windows.  I sat in the row of desks next to the windows.  The colors of the maple leaves were beautiful.  Then Mrs Pelligreenie asked me a question and I did not hear her..  I paid for that dream with a visit to the closet room to teach me a lesson.
  • Now you see that daydreaming is not a newly acquired skill.  This habit has plagued me through many jobs, family events and even visits with friends. 
  • My apologies to all those I have offended,

5 responses to “I am a Daydreamer

  1. i am grateful for daydreaming! no apologies. 🙂

  2. This resonates with me. I recently started to explore the idea that perhaps I have ADD – mostly because I go through a lot of what you’ve described here. I can be talking with a friend and completely miss out on something they said because my mind was off exploring. So embarrassing when they ask a contextual question and you have to scramble, hoping that some part of your subconscious was listening. (It’s at those points you think you might just be a bad friend).

    Or those half hour walks to work, in which your mind kind of explodes with thought, and you realize that in that 30 minutes you could have written a sideways-meandering book.

    Another embarrassing moment: when you’re having an in-depth conversation with a friend, and an avalanche of thoughts come, all relevant but you don’t know which shiny one to put forth as the next comment. I’ve actually had to stop and tell them “sorry but there’s a million thoughts I have to what you just said. Give me a moment.”

    Such an interesting blog!

  3. You’re welcome, Frank.

    At the end of the day though, embarrassing as this (I hesitate to call it a “condition” but there’s maybe no better word for it) condition is, you wouldn’t change it would you?

    I sure wouldn’t. I like my shiny fascinating thoughts. 🙂

  4. Daydreaming is not exactly the same as having an inner life, but it is pleasant. And those without the ability to daydream are particularly nasty to be around. They tend to talk a lot about money troubles.

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