Anger, Quack – Quack


  • Rarely felt, intensively felt.
    • Unproductive, and wasteful.
    • Unpredictable, and hurtful.
  • Chest binding, throat grabbing.
    • Bad words flowing Uncontrolled,
    • Creating ill feelings.
  • Positive actions
    • Negates bad feelings.
    • Select what is going to bother you.
    • And then be a duck, “Quack – Quack”
  • Let the things that could bother you,
    • Wash over you.  “Quack – Quack”
    • Can you see the water run off the ducks back?
    • Can you see the duck shake its wings and water flying?
  • Recognize the things that would bother you. 
    • Imitate the ducks.  “Quack – Quack” as the water is shaken off.
    • As those irritations flow on past without touching you.
    • Just say, “Quack – Quack” to yourself, out loud, or even shout it.
  • Life is too short to be governed by anger.
    • Anger, rarely felt, Thank you Lord!
      “Quack – Quack, Quack – Quack!”

Originally written:    October 6, 1995

  • I worked in a stressful job dealing with business crisis anyway in the world.  I worked with a team of specialized professionals, executives, and clients.   In my personal life having lived a full life there have been times when anger would intrude into my life.  At the time of the writing of this “ditty”  I was dealing with clients and technical professionals and each side was being intractable. 
  • I was visiting my mother-in-laws home in Warsaw, Indiana on Gooselake.  It had been a trying week just before my visit.  I was sitting in the garage looking out at the lake.   There was a flock of ducks that landed in the lake.    It started to rain pretty heavy.   Yet, the ducks just swam around and every once in a while they would flap their wings and the raindrops would scatter.  How nice it was to see them shedding the water.    Somehow, it connected my mind to my frustrations and being able to shake the anger off.     So, I imagined the words and situation that exasperated me.  I visualized the words like raindrops blasting in at me and washing over me like the rain.  I shook myself and said “Quack – Quack.”  It worked better when I shouted it and laughed at how stupid it sounded.  The sounds echoed across the lake to the ducks.  Some flew away.
  • A month or so later my daughter have a problem.  I advised her to say Quack Quack.. No Louder!  Louder still.  Very soon she was laughing..  Anger was reduced..  I chuckle now when I get angry and into my mind comes the words Quack Quack..  Amazingly, It does help.    Quack Quack.

One response to “Anger, Quack – Quack

  1. i’m stealing the quack quack advice!

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