Please and Thank You

  • Please and Thank You.
    • Momma taught me to say “Please” and “Thank you.”
      • I have used “Please” and a lot more
      • Than I have used “Thank you.”
    • When I have said “Please”
      • It has come from the bottom of my heart.
      • The intensity of my pleases
      • Have been much deeper than my “Thank you.”
      • There is much to give thanks for.
    • Starting with my ability to think,
      • And a never-ending list,
      • For all things in life are gifts.
      • I received much more,
      • Than I have ever dreamed of asking for.
    • Let this be a simple “Thank You!”
      • For all things new and old.
      • For past, present, and future.
      • THANK YOU!!!


Originally written October 15, 1995

  • This was written at the realization of how lucky I was.  I had survived much. I had a career with a future.  I had four grown children and 3 Grandchildren.  It was like a light bulb had turned on.    Maybe it was after returning home from Indiana and the frustration of the crisis was over..  I don’t recall what precipitated the feeling of overwhelming feeling of how lucky I was.   
  • There are so many places I could be in much worse situation.  I began thinking of those places when I would feel sorry for myself..  I could be in Bangladesh was the first situation I thought of.  Then came Iraq, Afghanistan, and many others.
  •  This does two things for me.  I feel empathy and generosity for those individuals that are in that situation.

One response to “Please and Thank You

  1. Grandpa used to say count your blessings everyday. You are one of those!

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