My Footsteps

  • My Footsteps
    • My life is like a footprint.
      • Ah, the mark I have made,
        • There for all to see,
        • Recognition of progress made,
        • Symbol of continuity future  with past.
      • There it is. A life shared,
        • Lived to the fullest,
        • In dissonance and harmony,
        • On the edge to be judged,
        • Accepted or rejected.
      • Still, there it is for all to see,
        • My contribution everlasting,
        • Footstep upon footstep marking
        • The pathways taken.
      • Splish, Splash, Splish, Splash,
        • Another footstep taken.
        • Splish, Splash, Splish, Splash,
        • Another footprint recorded for posterity.
      • My life is like the footprint in the water puddle,
        • Splish, Splash, Splish, Splash.  

Originally written:    January 24, 1996

  • This poem was written just before my 53rd birthday reflecting back on my life.   It was affected by the poem of Its Raining in San Francisco.    When a person is laid off from work his or her place is filled quickly.  Within a few weeks or months the memory is dimmed.   The same is true when someone passes over.  Thus, you get the foot print in a puddle which quickly disappears when the foot is pulled out of the puddle.  What is  left is the ripples that go on and on.. 

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