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He Is Coming!

  • He is coming.
    • He came to us last year.
    • And the years before.
  • I live each moment expecting.
    • I have lived each moment
    • To the fullest.
  • When he arrives, it is a surprise.
    • Unannounced and unattended.
  • The message is:  Be prepared,
    • Lest you be found unprepared.


Originally written:  December 20 1996

This poem was purposely written to be vague and yet circumspect.    It could be taken for the expectation of  Christmas.  It was written with  “Opportunity.”, Father Christmas, and the Baby New Years  in mind.

I Live Life To The Fullest!

  • I seek out jobs with challenges!
    • Actually, I should say with stress.
  • I believe I am  addicted to stress in my jobs.
    • I feel better amid the chaos.
  • I seek a sense of satisfaction
    • As I succeed in overcoming.
  • I am bored with routine and repetition.
    • I often fail at repetitive tasks.
  • I walk the edge of chaos and pandemonium.
    • I live each moment to the fullest.

Originally written:  December 18, 1996

  • This is a reflection on jobs that I have had since 1965.  For the most part I took on a new job every 12 to 18 months.  Each job had it new stresses and satisfiers.  It did not feel good to realize I chose to seek out new jobs and that I avoided the routine and repetitive jobs.  I would be a failure as an assembler on a manufacturing line.  I make mistakes much more quickly when it is repetitive.  My mind wanders and thus I am not paying attention to the details of daily tasks. It is sad to recognize a failing, but a joy to have avoided the failure.  Whew.. I was lucky on that one..

Time Is Fleeting!

  • Time is fleeting!
    • It slips thru my fingers,
    • Faster than water.
  • Nothing can prevent its passing.
    • Have I used my moments
    • On this earth wisely?
  • I want to come
    • To the end of my life
    • And be able to exclaim
    • Emphatically “Yes!”
  • I sometimes feel ,
    • As though I walk,
    • On razors edge,
  • Between being a fool,
    • And a genius.
    • Time is fleeting
  • Yes, I acknowledge
    • There are times that
    • I am crazy and sane.
  • As time slips by no more,
    • Those remaining will say,
    • “He helped others.”


Originally written:   December 17,1996

  • Life brings the reality I wanted to be remembered as father, grandfather, ancestor.  Also as someone who used the time upon this earth wisely.  Then, I realized I learned a lot from mistakes and having to fix them. Acknowledging mistakes and learning from the experience is an important part of maturing and growing older.   I would not go back in time and relive my life to change the mistakes. That would change who I am today.  
  • I humbly apologize for all my mis-adventures.   Especially if it has hurt someone or something. 
  • I have decided I want to be remembered simply as “He helped others.”

Thank You!

  • Thank You!
    • I am whole, limbs, body, and mind.
    • I am nourished, body, mind, and spirit.
  • Thank you.
    • They are so many less fortunate.
    • They also express their appreciation.
  • Thank you.
    • Life has disasters and delights.
    • These are important moments.
  • Thank you.
    • Even the bad and good times are
    • Critical learning minutes,days or years.
  • Thank you!
    • You are with us, always.
    • You are the Nurturer!
  • Thank you!


Originally written:   November 27,  1996

  • I was seeing friends being laid off,  injured in  automobile accidents, and  neighbors afflicted with physical and mental diseases.   I realized just how lucky I was.  When things got bad.  I would remind myself with:  “I could be in Bangladesh.” or ” I could be living in xxxxx..”  xxxx representing any place where there was a disaster or people in extreme stress.   I want to live a life of thankfulness.  Now you know where my user id came from;  icare2be.

Push, Push, Shove, Shove!

  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • Here we go again,
    • A new day has begun.
  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • What a way to earn a living.
    • Suck it up, Suck it in.
  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • Contact Jim, contact Jane.
    • Tell them what is needed.
  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • Did they understand?
    • Say a prayer now, say one later.
  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • What happened to this day?
    • Time has run out, the sun has set.
  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • Lay my head down.
    • Close my eyes, try to sleep.
  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • Try to avoid the nightmares.
    • Try to relax, a new day is coming.

Originally written:  November 26, 1996

  • This was a reflection on what happened at a computer company that started laying people off.  It changed the culture overnight.  It became a push, push, shove, shove environment. 

A Quiet Day

  •  It is a quiet day, a day to listen,
    • “Listen to who?”, you ask.
  • Ah!  You haven’t hear the whispers?
    • I am sorry.  They seem so loud.
  • Listen intently, quietly.
    • It is in the quiet moments
  • The silence speaks the loudest.
    • “It is time to rest and be present with me.”
  • It is a quiet day,
    • A day to listen.


Originally written: November 18, 1996

  • It is only when I stop doing and close everything out that meditation can take place.  It is in the silence of my mind and the quiet of my body can I be open and listen.

Autumn In The U.P.

  • The trees have changed color,
    • Well, not the trees, but the leaves.
    • In San Jose, California this is unusual.
    • The leaves usually just turn brown
    • And fall to the ground.
  • Seeing this reminds me of autumn
    • In the Upper Peninsula of  Michigan.
    • As you drive north out of the town of Delaware,
    • And Mandan on US 41, the trees begin
    • To crowd the edge of the pavement.
  • The maple and hardwood tree limbs,
    • Reach across the road like roman arches,
    • They intertwine and weave a patchwork of leaves,
    • Translucent panels above the roadway.
  • Driving under the canopy of leaves,
    • With the sun shining through,
    • The panels of yellow, gold, and red,
    • Evokes memories of the world’s,
    • Great cathedrals of Europe.
  • The colorful leaves are like,
    • Panes of colored and stained glass.
    • The panes gathered together,
    • To make a window 10 miles long.
  • The drive is awe-inspiring,
    • Quiet, holy place,
    • Where people come,
    • To visit and be refreshed.

Originally written:    November 17, 1996

  • One of the most beautiful images that come to mind is walking in a forest of hardwood and maple trees just after the leaves have taken on their multi-colored cloaks.   It is God’s cathedral and nothing man-made can match the beauty.  


  • Lilacs,
    • Momma had lilacs,
    • Blue and white,
    • Bushes and more bushes.
  • Lilacs,
    • Momma love lilacs,
    • Colors and perfume,
    • Filling the air and yard.
  • Lilacs,
    • I love lilacs,
    • Yep, just like Momma,
    • All colors and all wonderful perfume.
  • Lilacs,
    • I want lilacs,
    • Bushes here and bushes there,
    • Filling the air, yard, and house.
  • Lilacs,
    • Connecting Momma and I,
    • Each loving the beauty,
    • Then, now, and forever.

Originally written:   November 3, 1996

This poem was reflecting on a visit to the small village, Ahmeek in Upper Michigan, where I spent my formative years.  I saw our house on the hill.  Pine trees that my Mom and Dad planted as 2  foot, now stood 60 feet. The lilac bushes along the porch were 20 feet tall and over grown.  The house had not been kept up.  I think the curtains in the attic window were the ones my Mother put there.   It was sad to see.    It took me 5 years to have lilacs of my own, against the advice of the landscapers.  He called them weeds.  chuckle, chuckle.

I Am One!

  • I am one.
    • Not split good or bad
    • Saint or sinner
    • Nay!.
  • I am one.
    • Joined in all things,
    • Saint and sinner.
    • Yeh!
  • I am one.
    • Merged from the many pieces,
    • Fractured pieces,
    • Of good, bad and ugly.
    • Amen!
  • I am one.
    • Accepted by Him.
    • Accepted by me.
    • No others are necessary.
    • Alleluia!

Originally written:  November 3, 1996

  • This piece of prose goes back to a time  many years before  this was written, when I was in crisis and had fallen apart.  I worked through that tough period putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.  This was a pivotal moment and piece of prose recognizing I was accepting who I was becoming.  I was developing self-confidence. 

Breathe Deeply, Breathe Again!

  • Breathe deeply, eyes closed.
    • Hear the music
    • Feel the music
    • Absorb the music
  • Breathe again, very deeply.
    • The sounds splashing over me.
    • I am getting wet inside and out.
    • Reaching my deep inner soul
    • That abides closest
    • To the center of all things.
  • Breathe again, and again.
    • Letting the sounds permeate all,
    • Even the nook and cranny
    • Known only to me
    • And the center of all things.
  • Breathe again, breathe deeply.
    • Feel the peace and serenity.
    • Draw close and listen.
    • Someone is speaking to me.

Originally written:  November 3, 1996

  • A reflection on my meditation.  I try to listen to others and to the center of all things deep within that normally does not have a voice.