A Walk in the Forest

  • A Walk in the Forest
    • I have walked in a forest after a rain have you?
      • Walk with me now. . .

    • Close your eyes gently. . .
      • Breathe deeply.   Again. . . Again. . . Gently. . .
    • Calm your mind.  Always gently.
      • Slow down, slow down, walk gently.
    • Can you smell the clean fresh air,
      • Crisp to the nostrils?
    • Can you smell the rain upon the
      • Leaves upon the branches?
      • Breathe deeply, gently, slowly, gently.
    • Can you  smell the fresh grown flowers nearby?
      • Breathe deeply, gently, slowly, gently.
    • Can you smell yourself blending?
      • Yes, blending with the aromas of the forest?
      • Breathe deeply, gently, slowly, gently.
    • Can you hear your footsteps upon the
      • New fallen pine needles and leaves?
      • Listen carefully, step gently, walk slowly.
    • Can you hear the stirrings of the little animals,
      • Moving hither and thither?
      • Listen carefully, walk slowly.
    • Can you hear the water dripping, dropping
      • From the leaves and branches?
      • Listen carefully, walk slowly.
    • This is hallowed ground, 
      • God is whispering.
    • Listen carefully,
      • Become part of the forest.

Originally written:     January 24, 1996

  • I grew up in Upper Michigan, in the northernmost county, Keweenaw.  Ahmeek was a small town of y five (5) streets and maybe sixty (60) families.  It was surrounded by pine and hardwood forests.  Our school was in the nearby town, Ahmeek Location,  across the highway about a mile away. We walked to school summer and winter. It was a unique time for children.  We were able to have breakfast and leave our house and return to home at sunset. No one was worried if we did not appear for lunch.   We were able to play and explore to our hearts content.  Our exploring always involved walking in the forests around Ahmeek.   One of the most enjoyable memories I have is playing or walking in the forests.    The smell of a pine forest is like walking in a lightly perfumed garden.    A walk in a hardwood forest after a rain is filled with a freshness that is invigorating.  Seeing the rain drops sparkling on the pine needles and leaves of a maple tree  with the sun shining through is like looking at sparkling diamonds.  The color of the pine needles and tree leaves are clean and bright.   
  • A walk in the forest in quiet moments or in the moments of wind whistling through the branches makes it impossible for me to deny the existence of a Supreme Being.

4 responses to “A Walk in the Forest

  1. a poem , full of vivid imagery,it appeals to all the senses, great stuff

  2. You have a real talent.

    Emotions put to words beautifully.

    Thank you for sharing.


  3. I adore this. Thank you so much for sharing, these words are powerful in their gentleness.

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