I am Dying


  • I am dieing.
    • You know it.
      • I know it.
    • You don’t say it.
      • I don’t say it.
    • We wait together and alone.
      • We wait in impatience.
    • I await in pain.
      • I await in resignation.
    • Still the question comes
      • unbidden, unrequested.
  • Lord, why do we wait?

Originally written:  February 18, 1996

  • I wrote this from the perspective of the dear friend who was nearing the end of life.    I came to the realization some day I would be the one waiting to cross over to a better life.   This realization hit me hard and these words formed in my mind.    In a way it is impatient.  I found that impatience in my dear friend and my mother-in-law while she was waiting. 

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