I Said Goodbye

  • I said goodbye 
    • Oh, how brave she was.
  • Never wanting to cause anyone work
    • On her behalf.
  • Feeling guilty when showered with gifts
    • Of love and caring.
  • Yet, she was the one who volunteering here, Volunteering there,
    • Always making her presence a pleasure.
  • Her life an example for one and all
    • Sharing her time and talent.
  • Prisoner of the decaying flesh
    • Holding her firm to this earth.
  • I said goodbye.
    • I knew it was for the last time.
      • She knew it too.
  • I held her hand,
    • Then her fingers.
      • Then nothing at all.
  • Just two hands stretched out
    • Not touching, just stretced out
      • Toward each other.
  • The fingers not long enough
    • To reach across the distance.
  • My eyes held her eyes.
    • Tears held back for another time.
      • We did not want to part.
  • We watched each other slip away.
    • I out the door.
      • She out different kind of door.
    • Another friend has said a last goodbye.
  • How many more times to say “Goodbye?”
    • I turned and walked away.
      • She turned and looked away.
  • How many more times do I have to say “Goodbye?”

Originally written:    February 19, 1996

  • This was written in remembrance of the day I said a last goodbye.  I wondered how many more times do I have to say “Goodbye.”  It brought mortality closer to reality.

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