• I am here inside.
    • I see you.
    • You see him, but not me.
  • I am here inside, separate
    • I am joined with him
    • But still I am separate.
  • You see us as one.
    • I agree we are one,
    • But yet, I am separate.
  • I am here inside
    • I see you.
    • You see him, but not me.
  • I think and do as I will.
    • You see his actions,
    • And think it is he.
  • My body and I,
    • We are joined
    • In a dance called life.
  • We  live together as one,
    • Married for life
    • With no divorce possible.
    • Each striving, yearning, and doing.

Originally written:   February 21, 1996

  • This poem reflects my thoughts and realization.    It is almost like split personalities.  My mind is separate from the body.   My body has it’s needs and desires.   My mind has other needs not met by the physical body.   In a way you could say it is body and intelligence.  Intelligence as a separate entity from the body.  I have often wondered whether others have felt this separateness.   This poem is a recognition of someone looking at me and I looking out from within.

2 responses to “I AM HERE INSIDE

  1. All this stuff about “inside” and “outside” is distracting. There’s no such distinction. It’s an impression, like most impressions, there’s nothing to it.

  2. I think Viktor Frankl got to the essence of this in Man’s Search for Meaning when he described how the Nazi’s did terrible things to his body, but could not get to his inner self.

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