Life Is Not Fair!

  • Some say, “Life is not fair!”
    • I say, “I owe life my all!”
  • The difference is great.
    • One, hand outstretched waiting to receive.
    • The other, hand outstretched giving.
  • The gap between immense.
    • The first, an emptiness unfillable.
    • The later, overflowing with gifts.
  • The unfairness demands.
    • The former to whine and moan in anguish.
    • The later to reach out and share in joy.
  • Some say, “Life is not fair!”
    • I say, “Life is to be shared!”

Originally written:  February 21, 1996

  • I knew several people who lived their lives in with a “not fair” attitude.  It was sad to see sadness in their every day lives.   This is a reflection on two people in the same environment, with the same abilities can view life from different perspectives.   One from the view of entitlement.  The second from a view of sharing what little they have.  The first is a bottomless pit and stunts growth.  The second brings joy and returns self-confidence and self-worth.  

One response to “Life Is Not Fair!

  1. Most people, I believe, feel the unfairness of life comes from a lack of things and often a lack of things that are not vital to life but superficial. A little more thinking about what is truly valuable could turn things around. I would share good books with people. Sometimes, a cup of tea and a library book is my great joy. It costs so little and most everyone could take part.

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