Daily Archives: March 6, 2010

Ruminating Beckons Me!

  • I remember on encounter I would like to share with you.  It was late spring with the trees in bloom.  The sun was warm on my shoulders and back.  It seemed to penetrate deep within me to warm my cold wintered body. The yellow daffodils were blooming saying their goodbye to the cold winter days.
  • As I walked to the general store I spotted an ancient man sitting outside the general store and post office. He was dressed in his old patched corduroy pants, flannel shirt, and frayed cap.    His eyes were closed.  His face was marked with many lines carved deep with experience and knowledge.   His posture was relaxed with his hands folded across his lap. 
  • You couldn’t say he was frowning.  You couldn’t say he was smiling.  He was more of a statue than a living breathing human.   Was he napping?  No, I think not.  As I have gotten older, I cherish the moments spent in quiet, eye closed contemplation.  I enjoy hearing the stories of days gone by.  I might even share a story or two of my youth. 
  • Ah, yes, sleep may come, but the enjoyment of ruminating beckons me, “Come, Come again.”   I bet he was roaming the hills and valleys of his life, walking arm in arm with a loved one.   No.  He was not asleep!
  • I think, I shall join him..  Hmmm-mm-mmm the sun feels so nice and warm- mm- mmm- mmmmmmmm.


Originally written:   February 21, 1996

  • This story was a reflection on growing older and in later years sitting in the sun on a warm day.   Having worked hard as a miner in the copper mines in Upper Michigan he had retired when unable to work further.   Just sitting on a bench in front of the post office in a small town waiting for friends to come by.  It was the meeting place for the old men of the town to sit in the sun to share stories of their youth and ruminate. You could not tell if they were asleep or awake.  Sometimes they would sit and whittle a piece of wood not to make anything but just to whittle creating a small pile of chips between their shoes.