Pockets, For One or Two?

  • Pockets, some are in front.
    • Some are in back.
    • Some are inside – right or left.
    • Others can be hidden.
    • There are even some on the breast.
  • Pockets to stuff.
    • A handkerchief.
    • A wallet.
    • A hand or two.
    • Even a pen or two.
  • Two – I wonder about those.
    • Men and women gathered together.
    • Couples walking.
    • Men standing.
    • Or women sitting.
  • Invariably a pocket or two.
    • With one hand or two.
    • I wonder about those.
    • Pockets. . . .  Shared by two.
    • What is there to interest two?
    • When one will do.
  • I wonder no more.
    • About the pockets and
    • The sharing with another..

Originally written:     February 21, 1996

  • A bit of humor about pockets and the sharing of same.  Have you ever watched men and women standing or walking together.  Some do not know what to do with their hands..  Some hold them in front  Some in back.  Some fold their arms across their chest and tuck their hands under their arms.    Count them.. you will find that most will have a hand in a pocket.  In cold weather you may be lucky enough to share a pocket with a loving friend.

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