Daily Archives: March 8, 2010


  • As I have grown older my reality and my dreams come closer and closer.
  • I begin to understand how it is a person can just sit and sit, daydreamer, or cat-napping the day away.
  • It begins with reminiscing about my past.  Then, the daydream comes to carry me away into untold and unexperienced adventures.
  • This exercise separates my mind and body.  The reality that the mind is a separate identity comes more and more into focus.
  • I have looked and watched old people as they sit and reminisce. 
    • I wonder if the separation continues to widen as one gets older? 
    • Is this one of the secrets not passed onto the next generation?
    • Is this the personal journey and awakening we each take?

Originally written:  March 18, 1996

  • This is not a poem or even prose.  It is reflection and questions that have come to mind after the past several days of reflection.  Reading the poems of the last week these are the questions that have been left in my mind. 

Emotion, A Sequel

  • Have you ever been irritable?
    • And wondered why?
    • I have pondered and pondered.
    • I have no answer.
  • I have been told
    • That springtime is my time.
    • Yet, I know of no reason for springtime
    • To be a cause or reason.
  • And yet,
    • There are moments humanity
    • Presses in on me.
    • It matters not whether,
    • Child, man, or woman.
  • The bristles come up.
    • I feel the edge,
    • The sharpness ready,
    • To cut in any direction.
    • Without mind, just raw energy.
  • These are the moments
    • I treasure silence,
    • Away from humanity.
  • I try to extend myself
    • Into nature, into my surroundings,
    • To gain my bearings,
    • And restore my balance.

Originally written:  March 13, 1996

  • This was a reflection on my own changeability.   I cannot explain the irritability.    I have again wondered if this is another cycle in my life I have discovered.  So each springtime when newness abounds in nature I try to make myself one with the renewing of life to avoid the edgieness of my springtime.  I wonder if others have a time of year that is similar.  A time when their irritability gauge is nearing the top of their scale.


  • Emotion,
    • So cool, yet so hot.
    • Hidden just beneath the surface.
    • The coolness and the heat.
    • I switch one to the other.
    • There are times I feel like two, not one.
    • A tick of a clock is the signal.
  • Emotion,
    • There are the other times, most times.
    • Filled with love and care.
    • I feel part of all around me.
    • Integrated with nature and life.
    • A tick of a clock is the signal.
  • Emotion,
    • Changeable.
    • A tick of a clock is the signal.
    • Just wait for the tick of the clock.
    • Do you wonder why?
    • I do!

Originally written:  March 13,  1996

  • This is a reflection on coolness and the inferno.   It speaks to how fast a switch from one to the other can occur.   I  was visiting a friend when I witnessed this quick change.  One moment loving and tender.  The next moment vicious and life threatening. There was no provocation to cause the change only the tick of a second of time.  The first was uncomfortable to be in the same room.  The second found me headed out the door to find another place to stay.   To this day I  wonder what triggered the event one moment so loving and the next so destructive.