Emotion, A Sequel

  • Have you ever been irritable?
    • And wondered why?
    • I have pondered and pondered.
    • I have no answer.
  • I have been told
    • That springtime is my time.
    • Yet, I know of no reason for springtime
    • To be a cause or reason.
  • And yet,
    • There are moments humanity
    • Presses in on me.
    • It matters not whether,
    • Child, man, or woman.
  • The bristles come up.
    • I feel the edge,
    • The sharpness ready,
    • To cut in any direction.
    • Without mind, just raw energy.
  • These are the moments
    • I treasure silence,
    • Away from humanity.
  • I try to extend myself
    • Into nature, into my surroundings,
    • To gain my bearings,
    • And restore my balance.

Originally written:  March 13, 1996

  • This was a reflection on my own changeability.   I cannot explain the irritability.    I have again wondered if this is another cycle in my life I have discovered.  So each springtime when newness abounds in nature I try to make myself one with the renewing of life to avoid the edgieness of my springtime.  I wonder if others have a time of year that is similar.  A time when their irritability gauge is nearing the top of their scale.

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