• As I have grown older my reality and my dreams come closer and closer.
  • I begin to understand how it is a person can just sit and sit, daydreamer, or cat-napping the day away.
  • It begins with reminiscing about my past.  Then, the daydream comes to carry me away into untold and unexperienced adventures.
  • This exercise separates my mind and body.  The reality that the mind is a separate identity comes more and more into focus.
  • I have looked and watched old people as they sit and reminisce. 
    • I wonder if the separation continues to widen as one gets older? 
    • Is this one of the secrets not passed onto the next generation?
    • Is this the personal journey and awakening we each take?

Originally written:  March 18, 1996

  • This is not a poem or even prose.  It is reflection and questions that have come to mind after the past several days of reflection.  Reading the poems of the last week these are the questions that have been left in my mind. 

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