A Life In Review

  • A Life In Review
    • In the beginning of my life
      • I was held, nurtured, fed,
      • All needs cared for.
      • A simple grunt or tear brought immediate attention.
    • Toddler gave way to youth.
      • Dependence began to give way to doing it my way.
      • Nurturing was replaced with freedom to learn and explain.
    • Youth was replaced with puberty and adolescence.
      • Self-doubt and guilt entered my life to challenge my confidence.
      • Poverty came my way with lessons of life.
    • Adolescence was conquered by my rebellion of young adult-hood.
      • I was omniscient, omnipotent, “I will live forever”, especially today.
      • I will do it my way!
    • Young adult-hood was ended in divorce with 3 little cherubs,
      • And middle age hit me like a freight train speeding though town..
      • Omni-everything passed away and self-searching began.
      • Self-acceptance was germinated in my soul
      • Self-forgiveness entered my life.
      • The mellowing of the anger accelerated.
    • Middle age was pushed and shoved out-of-the-way as life moved on.
      • Self-acceptance is now in full bloom.
      • Each moment is cherished.
      • Love is part of breathing
      • Pain is part of life.
    • What comes next?
      • I welcome it, arms wide open
      • Come Holy Spirit.


Originally written:  April 17, 1996

  • An overview of the stages of my life.   I have survived many errors, learned many new things, and acquired an accepting view of future changes yet unknown. 

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