Spring Is Here Again!

  • Spring is here again.
    • New life is everywhere
    • To be seen springing from the earth.
    • Heard in the whispering of warm breezes
    • Through the branches and new leaves.
  • In each breath of freshened air
    • The perfume of springtime
    • Brings the flavors of the flowers,
    • And grass sprouting underfoot.
  • Spring is here again.
    • We are surrounded
    • By the sounds and smells of new life.
    • They envelope my senses
    • Energizing my footsteps.
  • My heart beats lighter
    • With new hopefulness
    • And overflowing with love.
  • Spring is here again.
    • I hope others feel this freshening of the spirit.
    • A renewing of expectations and hopes.

Originally written:   March 31, 1996

  • Finally, I am coming out of the gloomy introspection of self and enjoying the new life of spring.  Springtime is a time of renewing life.  Most importantly, it comes each year reminding us of renewing life.  It affects me bringing new hope where the winter barren landscape has provided a time of hibernation and waiting.

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