Lust, Ever Demanding!

  • Lust is ever demanding
    • More – More.
  • It is never satisfied
    • Or satisfying.
  • It is better to feel
    • The pain of denial.
  • Do not be fooled
    • To think – Just this once!
  • The demands get greater
    • And more risky.
  • The pain increasing
    • With each attempt to satisfy.

Originally written May 5, 1996

  • I do not remember what brought this out.  I think it is one of those “Ahhh – Haa’s” I want to capture.  It may not be everyone’s truth.  Lust is demanding, never satisfied, causes greater and greater pain if indulged beyond limits.    Anticipation provides the adrenalin.  Adrenalin provides the drug of addiction.   Specially nice for lovers. abhorrent beyond legal limits.  

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