Smile At Failures?

  • Smile at your failures
    • Can you smile at your failures?
    • Can you chuckle at your foibles?
      • It is easy when you are successful,
      • Much more difficult to be able to laugh.
    • However, I have found difficult situations
      • Are much easier to overcome or ride out
      • If it is done with a sense of humor.
    • Find a reason to chuckle once a day.
      • Make someone else laugh once a day.
    • Beside the obvious, making yourself
      • And someone else happy for a few moments.
    • These moments add up each day.
      • You will have more happy moments
      • Than sad moments to remember.
    • Thus making the end of your days happier!

Originally written:  May 5, 1996

  • I was considering end of life sadness and bitterness  as opposed to acceptance and even happiness that I have seen in family and friends.  It is very sad to see someone reach the end of life with bitterness and anger.  While it is almost joyful to see someone accepting and even happy at end of life.    Not taking yourself and perceived failures or successes too seriously provides a better balance.  Changing the focus of each day to be someone else rather than self seems to have a positive impact.  

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