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Seagulls Slip Slide Away

Seagulls Slip Slide Away

  • Have you taken time to watch the seagulls.
    • Soar along the water’s edge?
  • It seems so effortless, slipping, sliding down.
    • Then with a deft turn of a wing, almost invisible to my eye,
    • Whirling in a spiral higher and higher into the sky,.
  • To see the sea gulls frolic
    • On the air currents lifted my heart
  • And brought joy and peacefulness to my soul.
    • It is the beauty of God’s creation and the wonderment
    • Of all that has been created. 
  • Each creation has its time and purpose.
    • Nothing is trivial if taken in context of the whole.
  • These random thoughts came quickly to mind as I watch
    • The gulls soar up into the heavens
    • To glide among the white puffs of fog.
  • My thoughts soar with them into the unknown
    • To return riding upon a daydream
    • All glistening with “Newness.”

Originally written:   May 11, 1996

  • Living in the San Jose, CA area we would travel to Monterey to fly kites on the beach along Highway 1..  There was time to sit and watch the hang gliders and the sea gulls soaring along on air currents.  It was a relaxing time away from the hectic pace of Silicon Valley.

Memories Recalled Relived

  • As the leaves fall from the trees.
    • So days, weeks, and years shed
    • From our measured time upon this earth.
  • The leaf falls gently to the earth below
    • Blown by the blustery breezes.
  • So, our memories slide away
    • From our consciousness as new memories
      • Are created and bought to new life.
  • Just as the leaf is mingled with others
    • And is changed into soil bringing forth new life.
  • Memories are mingled with other memories
    • To be recalled and relived.

Originally written:  May 11, 1996

Treasured Moments

  • Treasured Moments
    • Each day I treasure the first moments of wakening.
    • Alarm or no.  It is in these precious moments.
  • I ponder what will be.
    • I reminisce what was – is – and will be.
  • The world gently held at bay, in the place –
    • Between wakefulness and the oblivion of slumber.
  • Those I hold dear are drawn close in
    • Loving embrace warming body and spirit.
  • It is in these early morning moments in time,
    • The tenor and beat of my day is born.
  • At the last moment possible, 
    • After all procrastinations have been made,
  • I open my eyes to permit the world to intrude.
    • And I begin again to anticipate tomorrow morning..

Originally written:  May 7, 1996

  • I am not one to wake up sudden like and spring into action.   I have had to do it for job and family.   When ever possible I would take the first moment of the morning for myself.  Retired, now I take every morning..  I hope you have this same opportunity..