Seagulls Slip Slide Away

Seagulls Slip Slide Away

  • Have you taken time to watch the seagulls.
    • Soar along the water’s edge?
  • It seems so effortless, slipping, sliding down.
    • Then with a deft turn of a wing, almost invisible to my eye,
    • Whirling in a spiral higher and higher into the sky,.
  • To see the sea gulls frolic
    • On the air currents lifted my heart
  • And brought joy and peacefulness to my soul.
    • It is the beauty of God’s creation and the wonderment
    • Of all that has been created. 
  • Each creation has its time and purpose.
    • Nothing is trivial if taken in context of the whole.
  • These random thoughts came quickly to mind as I watch
    • The gulls soar up into the heavens
    • To glide among the white puffs of fog.
  • My thoughts soar with them into the unknown
    • To return riding upon a daydream
    • All glistening with “Newness.”

Originally written:   May 11, 1996

  • Living in the San Jose, CA area we would travel to Monterey to fly kites on the beach along Highway 1..  There was time to sit and watch the hang gliders and the sea gulls soaring along on air currents.  It was a relaxing time away from the hectic pace of Silicon Valley.

One response to “Seagulls Slip Slide Away

  1. Thank you for this uplifting poem.

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