Treasured Moments

  • Treasured Moments
    • Each day I treasure the first moments of wakening.
    • Alarm or no.  It is in these precious moments.
  • I ponder what will be.
    • I reminisce what was – is – and will be.
  • The world gently held at bay, in the place –
    • Between wakefulness and the oblivion of slumber.
  • Those I hold dear are drawn close in
    • Loving embrace warming body and spirit.
  • It is in these early morning moments in time,
    • The tenor and beat of my day is born.
  • At the last moment possible, 
    • After all procrastinations have been made,
  • I open my eyes to permit the world to intrude.
    • And I begin again to anticipate tomorrow morning..

Originally written:  May 7, 1996

  • I am not one to wake up sudden like and spring into action.   I have had to do it for job and family.   When ever possible I would take the first moment of the morning for myself.  Retired, now I take every morning..  I hope you have this same opportunity.. 

One response to “Treasured Moments

  1. A good description of a wonderful experience! Best with someone special sharing it.

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