What Is Creation About?

  • What is creation about?
    • Why are we here?
    • Questions, Questions, more Questions.
  • The answer is:  The Children.
    • Yes, the children.
    • It is a seed, beginning of a flower.
    • It is the kitten, learning to walk and suckle.
  • Yes, the children.  It is the children.
    • I see them growing and wonder about tomorrow.
    • I see the pain from mistakes of leaving home
      • And remember mine.
    • I see the love and want to give them all I have.
  • Yes, all the children.
    • I see their pain and I want to hold them close,
    • But I know they must learn.
  • I see their choices and I feel pride
    • When they are doing their very best.
  • We are here to share in God’s creation,
    • And assist in the process of creating,
    • Tomorrow and tomorrow through the
      • Children of our time.
  • Whether the child is a kitten,
    • A new sprout breaking through
    • The earth for the first time or
    • Our child born in our likeness.
  • The answer is:  The children.
    • The beginnings of their tomorrows.
      • The endings to our tomorrows.
      • Beginnings of caring for their children.

Originally written:   May 11, 1996

  • I, like so many others,  have asked and pondered this question.  I came up with an interesting answer that surprised me once I had written it down in my journal.  Even now, after 14 years, I find truth in the words. They strike a chord of basic truth, one of the “Ahhh Haa’s” I have been searching for.

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