Winter is the Time

  • The winter is the time
    • To rest and replenish
    • My soul to prepare
    • For the intensity of springtime.
  • The winter is my time to be quiet
    • And listen to my soul.
      • To hear it’s quakening.
      • To be mindful of its fears.
    • To forgive foibles.
    • To welcome its hopes with open joy.
  • The winter is time to go outside
    • And find that patch of undisturbed snow.
    • Once finding it,
    • Lie down facing the clouds.
  • Spreading your arms
    • Like the wings of an eagle
    • Moving them back and forth.
  • Then it is time to stand up
    • And look down
    • At my angel.
  • Winter is the time
    • To take time to take time
    • To have a little fun
    • And enjoy moments.

Originally written:  May 11, 1996

  • A reflection on winter.  Some get cabin fever.  Some hate the cloudy days. Some hate the cold.  I found it is all about enjoying the moments of your life.  Winter for me is a time of slowing down, and replenishing energies. 

One response to “Winter is the Time

  1. Very thought provoking. I have a very anti-winter outlook and need to read this a few more times. Pearl

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