Have You Tried to Die?

  • Have you tried to die?
    • Hard isn’t it?
  • Without assistance
    • Of drug, tool, friend, or foe.
  • The dieing and the trying
    • Are very trying for family and friends.
  • Have you tried to die?
    • Not in our control, is it?
  • The time is written in God’s hand.
    • The waiting is in our time.
  • A humbling experience
    • Of great magnitude.
  • Have you tried to die?
    • It takes patience, doesn’t it?
  • Almost more patience than we have
    • And then, just a tiny bit more.

Originally written:  June 27, 1996

  • This was a reflection on the waiting period when you know your disease is terminal and the moment you passover into a better world.   A dear friend was waiting for the time.  These words came from the deep pain I had while waiting with her.
  • Several other relatives and friends have known their disease was terminal and had this long waiting period before death.  It can be a bitter waiting time.  I have also seen on passing that was a blessing to family and friends.
  • A neighbor celebrated her life with her children.  The last evening she called each young child to her room.  She talked to them until each was comfortable and had no more questions.  The next morning was gone on to her rewards.
  • Her husband followed through with her request to all prospective attendees of the funeral  not to wear black.  He asked on his wife’s behalf that everyone wear white and yellow.
  • It was a beautiful goodbye ritual I hope to duplicate someday.

2 responses to “Have You Tried to Die?

  1. Frank – I see that your poem “Have You Tried to Die?” was written the day before Mom’s death. Was she the object of the poem?

    • Have You Tried to Die? was a poem written about the process of dieing. ZoAnn’s mother, my dad, My ex-father in law, my uncle all knew their disease was terminal. They had this waiting period and the poem is my reflection of having to wait for something not under our control. Your Mom’s illness was the catalyst for this poem..

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