A Friend Has Died!

  • A friend has died,
    • Family actually, in everything
    • Except blood.
  • It is almost like
    • She waited
    • For our arrival.
    • Yes, very close family.
  • I am glad the suffering
    • Is over and the
    • Interminable waiting
    • Has reached a climax.
  • I am sad for me.
    • I will miss my dear friend,
    • But glad to have shared,
    • My life and loves with her.
  • Again, in dying she
    • Provided an example,
    • Like she provided
    • With the rest of her life.
  • She is there just beyond
    • The veil of death,
    • Waiting, watching, and
    • Caring for us.
  • Bathed in “The Light”
    • Surrounded by
    • Her family and friends.

Originally written:  June 28, 1996

  • This was written for Edna C. of Warsaw, IN.  Edna was a neighbor and close friend of my mother-in-law.  When I visited Warsaw I would stop and share stories with Edna and take her to dinner.   We exchanged novels and compared notes after we read the books.  Edna was active in her church and volunteered for  church and community activities.   She remains in my thoughts and prayer.

2 responses to “A Friend Has Died!

  1. Frank – It’s a beautiful poem. The one you read at her funeral was also quite beautiful – it was titled “I said, ‘Good Bye’ “.

    • I Said, “Good-Bye.” is also amongst the poems on the blog. Your Mom was very special lady. You can search for it on the home page. I can send you a direct link to it.. Thank you for your comments.

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