They Await Us!

  • They await us,
    • Just beyond the pale
    • Of our existence.
  • “Who waits?” you ask.
    • He waits,
    • She waits.
  • “Who are they?” you ask.
    • Loved ones who
    • Have gone before.
  • With patience unlimited,
    • Loving and caring
    • And waiting.
  • They stand just beyond,
    • Just beyond the vail
    • Of life itself.
  • Just beyond our sight and touch,
    • But yet close enough
    • To feel.
  • Loving, caring, and protecting
    • Those of us who patiently,
    • Impatiently await our turn.

Originally written:  June 28, 1996

  • With the recent passing of a dear friend and since then several  friends, relatives, including my older brother.  I listened to those who have been left behind.  Each of them confirmed their belief their partner was close.   Several talk to their partner in the morning and evening.   They share their daily lives.  Each of them feel the vail between life and the next life is very thin.  A few have even said “The vail is sometimes opaque.”

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