Crusaders Are With Us Still!


  • Crusaders, we have them still.
    • They don their armor.
  • Raise their multi-colored flags and banners,
    • Pitch their tents.
  • Crusaders pursue their enemy,
    • With wild abandon.
  • Marching around,
    • The enemies encampment.
  • Shouting  and threatening the enemy,
    • Raising their own courage.
  • Ah yes.  We have crusaders still.
    • Their banners read:  Save the trees.
  • Old causes, new causes,  everlasting causes.
    • Free Choice;  Abortion Kills; Health Care;
  • The list is long and,
    • Ever changing.
  • The world is changed,
    • By their actions.
  • Yet, it stays the same.
    • Crusaders, we have them still.
  • Crusaders are amongst the living,
    • Not the dead.
  • Their armor is intellect, free speech,
    • And a last resort civil disobedience.
  • They intensely live the crusade of the day,
    • Taking it to heart and mind.
  • Every waking moment moving
    • The movement forward toward their goal.
  • The one day, quite unexpectedly
    • They move on.
  • The next crusade. 
    • The next march waving the banner.
  • Addicted to the emotion of “doing”
    • Yes, doing, but always “doing right.
  • Yes, we have crusaders still – defeated,
    • Yet, undefeated.  They march every onward
  • To convince one and all
    • Theirs is the right one, right thing, right way.
  • Changing their world
    • And changing our world.
  • Crusaders, A great help.
    • Crusaders, A great pain.
  • Crusaders, Society’s push forward.
    • Crusaders. Society’s push backward.
  • Crusaders will be with us
    • Today and all our tomorrows.

Originally written:  August 3, 1996

  • As long as there is oppression we will have crusaders attempting to eliminate a specific oppression.   Yet, some issues have created crusaders for and against them..  Thus, the undecided is subjected to the cacophony or unwanted clamor of the war of crusaders.

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